Installing/Moving WSL packages on another drive or folder than the default one

If you haven't installed your Ubuntu yet, then first install it. Then we can move it. In case, in any case, if you want to move your WSL packages to a drive other than where it is installed by default, you can do that. You can move it from you C:/ drive to any drive or folder you want. This also actually takes only 3 steps, if your WSL instances are not running. Let's go through all the steps to move WSL ubuntu package from default location to another drive or directory.

Create user and SEO friendly URL slugs for your website in PHP

Creating user and SEO-friendly URL slugs is a crucial aspect of optimizing your website for both search engines and human visitors. A URL slug, the unique part of a URL that identifies a specific page, plays a significant role in conveying information about your content. Crafting well-structured and descriptive slugs not only aids search engines in understanding your content but also enhances user experience by providing clear and meaningful URLs.

Select or Update only the latest records per group or set in MySQL database table

So I faced this today that I could have keep a column of TinyInt type in a table where I keep multiple records for a, lets say, user or product. Such as, user login history. 

SSH Agent, SSH Keys/Identities, Composer, Repositories in composer.json on Windows 11

So my client shared a repository on a private GitLab platform with me. I have access to the platform and the repo and added SSH key to my account that I generated using PuTTY Gen. I then used TortoiseGit to clone it using my SSH key. It worked as expected and the repository was cloned into the WWW directory of my WAMP server.